Right Place Right Time

Kids under 5


It can be hard to make good choices when your child is sick or injured. You may be at home by yourself, it may be late at night and you may feel stressed out and alone. Having a plan of action can alleviate some of this stress.


  • Make sure both you and your family’s Medicare cards are kept in a safe, central place for easy access if you have to leave home in a hurry. You should aim to keep any other supporting documentation, such as your child’s medical health booklet, information on pre-existing medical conditions or medical history close by or in the same location for ease of access.
  • Know the locations of your nearest GP and emergency room. If you regular GP does not offer after-hours care, do your research. Find out if there is a 24-hour medical centre or after hours home visiting service near you.
  • Do a drive-by of your nearest after-hours GP or hospital. Knowing where you’re headed is the key to getting there quicker.
  • Have an emergency-babysitter in mind.