Right Place Right Time

Under 18


As your child is older, you’ve probably dealt with a few injuries and bouts of sickness by now.

Nevertheless it is still important to have a plan in place to help you make quick decisions should an unexpected medical situation come up.


  • Make sure both you and your family’s Medicare cards are kept in a safe, central place for easy access if you have to leave home in a hurry. You should aim to keep any other supporting documentation, such as your child’s medical health booklet, information on pre-existing medical conditions or medical history close by or in the same location for ease of access.
  • Know the locations of your nearest GP and emergency room. If you regular GP does not offer after-hours care, do your research. Find out if there is a 24-hour medical centre or after hours’ home visiting service near you.
  • Do a drive-by of your nearest after-hours GP or hospital. Knowing where you’re headed is the key to getting there quicker.
  • Have someone in mind to look after your other kids, should they be at an age where they need care.